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Survey Courses

U.S. History: Volume 1 (until 1877), U.S. History: Volume 2 (after 1865), U.S. History: Combined Volume, Western, Civilization: Volume 1 (until 1715), Western Civilization: Volume 2 (after 1650), Western Civilization: Combined Volume, World History: Volume 1 (to 1500), World History: Volume 2 (after 1500)

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Race and Gender Studies

History of Women in America, History of Gender in America, History of African-Americans, History of Ethnic Americans, History of Mexican Americans, History of Native Americans

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Period Courses

Ancient History, Ancient Near Eastern History, Greek History, Roman History, Colonial American History (1492 - 1776), American Revolution (1754 - 1783), Early National Period (1783 - 1832), Jacksonian America ( 1832 - 1854), Civil War and Reconstruction (1854 - 1876), Gilded Age (1865 - 1900), American Diplomatic History, 20th Century America (1900 - 2000), U.S. History (1945 - Present), Modern U.S. History (1900 - 1945), Civil Rights Movement (1940 - 1968), The Sixties (1960 - 1969), Vietnam War (1965 - 1973), Medieval History, Renaissance / Reformation, French Revolution and Napoleon, Early Modern Europe, Modern Europe, 19th Century Europe, 20th Century Europe, History of the 20th Century World

8321 Topics
Regional History

The Old South, The New South, Frontier America, History of the West, History of California, History of Texas, History of Pennsylvania, History of Africa, History of the Atlantic World, History of the Caribbean, History of China, History of Central Asia, History of East Asia, History of South Asia, History of England, History of France, History of Germany, History of India, History of Japan, History of Latin America, History of Mexico, History of the Middle East, History of the Muslim World, History of Russia, History of South Africa

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Topical History

American Biography, History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, American Immigration History, American Presidential History, American Business / Economic History, American Constitutional History, American Cultural History, American Intellectual History, American Labor History, American Military History, American Religious History, American Sport History, American Technology History, American Urban History, Film and U.S. History, History of Capitalism, History of Christianity, History of Disease, History of Environmentalism, History of Imperialism / Colonialism, History of Intellectual Thought, History of Judaism, History of Medicine, History of Science and Technology, History of Sport, History of Terrorism, History of Witchcraft, History of Women, History of Slavery

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