Social Work / Family Therapy / Human Services

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Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare

Introduction to Social Work/Introduction to Social Welfare

2907 Topics

Generalist Social Work Practice, Direct or Clinical Social Work Practice (Micro), Group Social Work Practice (Mezzo), Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations (Macro), Community Organization, Advanced Social Work Practice

4292 Topics
Social Welfare Policy

Social Welfare Policy, History of Social Welfare, Advocacy in Social Work

3685 Topics
Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Human Behavior, Human Behavior and the Larger Social Environment

2068 Topics
Research Methods, Statistics, and Evaluation

Research Methods in Social Welfare/Social Work, Statistics for Social Workers, Evaluation

6067 Topics
Field Work / Practicum

Field Work / Practicum

133 Topics
Administration / Management / Supervision

Administration / Management in Social Work, Supervision

312 Topics
Special Topics in Social Work and Human Services

Aging and Gerontology, Child Welfare, Child Abuse and Neglect, Culturally Competent Practice, Case Management, Crisis Intervention, Disability, Diversity in Social Work, Ethics, Grief and Loss, Health Care Policy, Interviewing and Social Work Skills, Mental Health, Practice with Children and Families, Practice with Women, Criminal Justice and Social Work, School Social Work, Spirituality, Substance Abuse, Violence / Abuse

10856 Topics
Family Therapy

Introduction to Family Therapy, Special Topics in Family Therapy

3820 Topics
Human Services

Introduction to Human Services, Generalist Human Services, Human Services Management, Program Development, Evaluation, and Grant Writing

3549 Topics