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A newly graduated licensed practical/vocational nurse (LP/VN) learned about causes for the current nursing shortage. How can the nurse best reduce her chances of leaving the profession?

A) Work at the institution that offers the highest wages and the best benefits.
B) Interview with institutions that offer tuition pay back.
C) Try another position at another institution at the first sign of job dissatisfaction.
D) Recognize and act upon early signs of burnout and compassion fatigue.

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Ans: D
Causes for nurses leaving the profession include job dissatisfaction, nurse burnout, and compassion fatigue. The nurse's best way to help decrease leaving the profession is by recognizing and acting upon the early signs of burnout and compassion fatigue. Other interventions the nurse could do to help decrease exiting nursing is to communicate with staff and management to decrease bullying and be active to improve the work conditions on the particular unit the nurse works. High wages and quality benefits do not guarantee happiness because other work conditions may be unbearable, such as staffing, job expectations, lack of mentoring and support, etc. Tuition payback may help lessen the financial burden, but the nurse may not be happy at the institution if other work-related issues are unbearable. Switching to another institution is not always the best solution because learning to work through conflicts and reach a resolution is a lifelong skill nurses that stick with the profession have used.

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