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The licensed practical/vocational nurse (LP/VN) is concerned about the recent changes at the hospital where she works. The hospital in an attempt to cut costs increased staffing ratios.

This has led to increased stress and a feeling that clients are not being properly cared for. In addition, nurse burn out, nursing turnover, and mistakes have all increased. Which action should the nurse take next?
A) Gather information from staff nurses regarding the staffing issue, level of stress, rate of burnout, and client safety issues and contact the administration of the hospital presenting the case for better staffing ratios.
B) Visit the American Nurses Association to learn more about what changes are being made in different states to provide safe nurse to client ratios and to gather best evidence to support change.
C) Write the state legislators about producing a bill to create safe staffing ratios presenting a case for the needed change based upon increased staffing leads to nurse burnout, increased nurse turnover, and increase in errors leading to a decrease in client safety.
D) Contact the professional organization the nurse belongs to about the situation and ask for their help.

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Ans: B
The first step in the process is to learn more about staffing ratios via the American Nurses Association Web site. There the nurse will find research articles to support adopting safe staffing ratios in order to decrease errors with client care, decrease nurse burnout, and increase retention of nurses. After this first step, the nurse may gather information from staff nurses regarding the issues related to the change in staffing and take the concerns and the research findings to administration to present the case. Next the nurse could contact the professional organization and state legislators to exercise political voice.

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