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The hospital purchased a new electronic health record (EHR) system. The licensed practical/vocational nurse (LP/VN) should immediately report which items discovered while using the EHR to administration?

A) The system is not user friendly and adds more time to the work load when compared to the previous paper chart, so it takes away time that nurses could be caring for clients.
B) A client went to surgery, so a medication was held and the EHR did not retain the med on the list, and treated a held med as a deleted med removing it from the system entirely.
C) The cart that the computer is mounted has to be plugged in from time to time and the nurse has to bend over to do so because the receptacles are low.
D) The keyboard needs some type of protective cover so the area can be easily disinfected from time to time since nurses are going from client room to another one.

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Ans: B
Answer B is a dangerous situation because if the nurse did not catch the glitch, the client would not have had the medication he/she needed after surgery. Answer A may be because the system is new, and the nurses need to get acclimated to using it. Answer C is an annoyance to have to bend over to plug in the computer, and can be addressed later on by adding plugs higher on the wall where the nurses may best utilize them. Answer D is a potential issue for spreading germs and can be addressed by investigating a cover that will work so the nurse may disinfect the keyboard in between use easier. Before using the covers, a quick solution is a disinfectant wipe on the keyboard. Answer D is not as pressing as clients not receiving needed medications.

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