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The licensed practical/vocational nurse (LP/VN) wants to settle a conflict in the workplace regarding holiday schedules.

Those with years of experience want to work only minor holidays leaving newer nurses to work major holidays. Others want to rotate holidays so all nurses can have minor and major holidays off and different holidays off each year. Which action should the nurse take to best resolve the conflict?
A) Discuss the situation with the nurse manager and ask him what to do to help resolve the issue.
B) Discuss the issue with each nurse separately to determine their stance and try to persuade each team member to take the nurse's side.
C) Suggest to coworkers to meet to brainstorm solutions and discuss the pros and cons of the plans, and then vote by secret ballot to determine what the majority want.
D) Distribute secret ballots with the two ways to schedule holidays and have each team member vote, and then announce the winner.

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Ans: C
The workplace conflict is among the staff, so the nurse may best serve the team and helps resolve the conflict by asking the coworkers to meet to brainstorm solutions to the issue, and then discuss pros and cons of each idea and allow the majority vote to choose the method of holiday scheduling to be used. Simply talking to the manager would be the good way to resolve a conflict that just the nurse has, but will not help when the conflict is with all of the nurses. Persuading team members to take the nurse's side will outrage coworkers who want their opinion to be valued. Distributing secret ballots should not be done this early in the conflict because the nurses need to explore solutions before voting on a solution.

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