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A nursing student is caring for a client who states that she plans on taking Black Cohosh for her menopausal symptoms and Gingko to help improve her memory and concentration.

She has enrolled into Tai Chi to help improve balance and reduce stress. Which statement is the most important point for the nurse to cover during a teaching session with the client?
A) "Herbals may interfere with other medications you take, react with a medical condition you have or interfere with surgery, so always tell your physician what you are taking."
B) "The herbal treatments are considered supplements by the Federal Drug Administration and are perfectly safe as long as you follow the directions on the bottle."
C) "There is a Web site I may show you that has up-to-date information about herbals."
D) "When you purchase an herbal, you may want to shop around because there may be sales, so you may buy one bottle and get one free."

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Ans: A
The other points may be made when teaching, but the most important aspect to cover is that the herbals may interfere with other medications the client takes, such as gingko and aspirin or warfarin leading to an increased bleeding risk, for example. Herbals may interfere with surgery because some herbals increase the risk for bleeding, such as gingko. Some herbals may only be used short-term as noted on the bottle, or the herbal will interfere with the condition it is treating and make it worse.

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