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The new licensed practical/vocational nurse (LP/VN) is excited about the new career, but also wants to incorporate a simple rule of taking time for personal wellbeing. Which is the best approach to take?

A) Take time each day for exercise, a proper diet, and stress-relieving techniques.
B) Go to the spa once a month and get a relaxing deep massage.
C) Take a relaxing vacation on a beach or in the mountains to relax and enjoy nature.
D) Take a day off once a week and do something special just for him or her.

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Ans: A
Nurses spend so much energy and time caring for their clients and others in volunteer activities, they end up emotionally, physically, and spiritually spent. They end up burned out and may quit nursing. To best prevent this from happening the new nurse must budget time each day to exercise, use stress relieving techniques and eat a proper diet. Stress relieving techniques may be used at work during a break, such as Tai Chi or Yoga, or meditation, or whatever it is that helps take the nurse away from nursing for 15 minutes to reduce stress. Taking a special day once a week, or a spa break once a month, or a relaxing vacation are great, but stress builds every day and the nurse needs to relieve it through the same advice we tell our clients, eat a proper diet, exercise, and use stress reduction techniques.

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You have been very helpful. Thank you.